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Nemeia Pashar stands on the balcony of her palace in her royal robe, the Staff of Iris in her left hand, her right resting on the cool yellow stone of her palace.

She looks over the Redgrin Sea, the Hinter Falls spewing fresh water into the sea. The jungles of her kingdom spread all about her, and she is lost in thought. So many enemies seek to bring her downfall. She knows that amongst her many advisors there is a traitor. Word has reached her that a powerful monk possesses documents that prove she is not the rightful heir to these lands. A fey creature, long held in her prisons, has now escaped and seeks to bring about her downfall through the knowledge that it possesses.

All about her, calamity.

She has been a faithful and benevolent queen. Her lands have grown, she has built diplomatic relations, and she is betrothed to the Maharaja of Urthyk. There is great promise that hers will be a reign that they speak of for generations.

Yet, doom is on her doorstep. The shadows grow darker and longer. A fell presence nears. The stars in the sky seem to shake with portent. Something this way comes, can she arrange the chess pieces in such a way, that when the heavens fall, and the fey from below rise again, she will be the saviour of her people?

Or will everything about her fall, while her enemies rise.

Will she be recorded as the greatest queen these lands have ever known, or will the demon rise and consume everything about her?

Home Page

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